Honda Grom 2017 Body, Engine Specs, And Release Date

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Honda is one of the most prominent manufacture in the world, which always provide great products with high specification. Well, the product of Honda is always great with the combination on look and performance. Here, as the one of the newest product to open the new competition, Honda prepares to release Honda Grom 2017. It is the great sport motorcycle, which will be nice to increase your experience.

Honda Grom 2017 body

What makes 2017 Honda Grom special is the detail of the body. Yes, the body this motorcycle is excellent. It has strong chassis, which will provide the great performance. The body of this motorcycle is also excellent with the carbon and aluminum as the base material, so it will be nice with its higher acceleration. There are some colors in its choices, such as red, black, and green.

Honda Grom 2017 features

Another special thing of this product is the complete feature of it. Yes, this Honda Grom 2017 is excellent with the detail of the feature. It has big wheel, which will increase the stability of the motorcycle, when it is driven in top speed. In other hand, the digital speed meter shows a modern concept for stylish look. The motorcycle is also nice with the double LED lights to ease the darkness of your journey.

Honda Grom 2017 engine specs

How about the engine of this motorcycle? The base engine of this motorcycle is 124.9cc air-cooled engine. It is a nice engine for this product, which will influence the 2017 Honda Grom top speed. In other hand, the engine is also special with the use of PGM-FI induction inside it. With the 9.3:1 compression ratio, it delivers better acceleration than the last version of the motorcycle.

Honda Grom 2017 price and release date

What will this motorcycle ready in the market? Based on some leaked information, we predict that Honda Grom cc will be ready in the market in the middle of this year. About the MSRP or the average price of it, we predict that manufacture will set the Honda Grom 2017 price around $3,299.

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