2018 Honda HRV rumors, specs, changes, price, release date

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The 2018 Honda HRV will show the different car with the previous one. The new car will be more attractive in its model. The car will be predicted hitting the market next year. With some changes and redesigns, the car will be better in design. The updated system and technology inside the car also will comfort people in driving.

The 2018 Honda HRV Exterior

The new car will have a better construction in the system integrated. Besides, the design of the car will be more modern and fresh. It can be seen at the grille of this car. It looks more futuristic with its one-of-a-kind bumper. Furthermore, the combination of the bumper and the grille in the car will increase the appearance. The new car will have great front light and taillight because it will use modern LED lighting result. It will make the car different with the previous 2016 Honda HRV.

The 2018 Honda HRV interior

The interior of the car is also impressive. It will satisfy people in the car. It can be seen at the cabin of this new car with its improvisation. This design will show the good feeling for people in the car. Besides, the tools and equipment inside the 2018 Honda HRV are also better than the previous Honda HRV because of its updated system. The new equipments inside the car are the biggest demand of the customer because it will comfort people in the car.

Engine and specs

The new car will have similar engine with the previous 2017 Honda HRV. However, the new car will have two variant engines. The car will come with 1.8-L inline-four engine in the North American model. This engine can deliver the power about 150 Hp and 140 lb-ft of torque. Besides, it also will be supported with the 6-speed manual transmission. Furthermore, other cars will use 1.5-liter inline-four engine. It will give the power more than 120 hp and 115lb-ft of torque. The manual gearbox will be used in this new car.

Release date and Price

Based on some certain information the 2018 Honda HRV will come in the market about early 2018. However, other rumors also said that the car will come in the late of 2017. Relating to the price, the car will be started about $20.000.

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