2017 Honda Fit Engine, MPG, MSRP, Exterior, Interior

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If you are looking for a new subcompact hatchback car, the best choice is 2017 Honda Fit. This is the 3rd generation and it offers many improvements compared to the 2nd generation. If you are curious about it, it will be better to pay attention to the full review first. It will be discussed more in this article.

2017 Honda Fit Engine

2017 Honda Fit review starts from the engine where this new subcompact hatchback car is powered by 4 cylinder 1.5 liter engine that comes with Earth Dreams tech. Paired with six speed manual transmission, it can deliver great power up to 140 horsepower at 6600 rpm. Besides that, it also offers great torque.

2017 Honda Fit MPG

In relation to the fuel economy, it belongs to one of the most fuel efficient cars today. If you use it in the city with busy and crowded roads, it can cover up to 30 mpg. If you use it on highways, it can cover up to 37 mpg. Anyway, 2017 Honda Fit MPG offered is satisfying enough as a subcompact hatchback car.

2017 Honda Fit Exterior

For the exterior, you can notice some changes. For example, you can find the new grille. Besides that, the lighting is also updated where it uses LED headlights and taillights. Then, it also redesigns the bumpers to the more stylish. The sharper lines also make it much more modern.

2017 Honda Fit Interior

The interior is also amazing. It offers more spacious cabin with plenty storage as well as cargo room. Besides that, it also comes with smooth ride. Some new features are also added to make it more enjoyable. Considering the review above, 2017 Honda Fit can be considered as one of the most recommended today’s cars.

2017 Honda Fit MSRP

Talking about price cannot be separated from 2017 Honda Fit configurations. There are some configurations available and they have different prices. The base model is 2017 Honda Fit EX where it is priced from 17,493 dollars. However, there are some models that are higher and the prices are also more expensive.

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