2017 Honda CR-V Exterior, Interior, Engine, Specs, Competitors, Price

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One of the best new SUV cars is 2017 Honda CRV. Compared to the previous version, it comes with better designs and specs. Therefore, before you decide to buy this SUV, it will be better to pay attention to its review first. Even more, you may also need to compare it to the other rivals. All about it will be discussed in this article.

2017 Honda CRV Exterior and Interior

There are some changes related to the exterior of this new SUV. It comes with new LED lighting, bumpers, grille and some other parts. So, it looks much more stylish and modern. 2017 Honda CRV interior is also more luxurious. There are also some new features offered related to the comfort, safety, entertainment, and infotainment. Overall, the redesign is really satisfying.

2017 Honda CRV Engine and Specs

There are some 2017 Honda CR-V configurations available and all of them are really powerful. In this case, you need to thank to the engine used. This new Honda CRV is powered by 4 cylinder 2.4 liter engine. With this engine, it can produce up to 185 horsepower at 6400 rpm.

Besides that, 2017 Honda CRV also comes with 39/76 cubic feet cargo. In addition, it also offers high gas mileage. In the city with crowded roads, it can cover up to 27 mpg whereas on highway it is able to cover up to 33 mpg. So, it belongs to the most fuel efficient SUVs. Then, it also has high speed that makes it more recommended.

2017 Honda CRV Competitors

With various 2017 Honda CRV colors, you have more options to choose. CRV is not the only new SUV available in the market. There are also many competitors that can be its best rivals. One of them is 2017 Subaru Forester. Besides that, there is also 2017 Chevrolet Equinox. Then, 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander also belongs to the best rivals.

2017 Honda CRV Price

The price of this new SUV depends on the models. Because it comes in different models, the price is also various. The base model of 2017 Honda CRV is priced from 25,689 dollars. The higher models have more expensive prices.

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