2017 Honda Civic Type R Engine, Specs, Redesigns, Price

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2017 Honda Civic comes in some types. One of the most popular and favorite options is type R. There are many people who buy this. If you are interested in 2017 Honda Civic type R, too, you should pay attention to the review that will be discussed in this article below.

2017 Honda Civic Type R Engine

Let’s start talking about Honda Civic type R 2017 specs from the engine. This new car comes with 2.0 liter inline-4 turbocharged engine. This engine is very impressive where it can deliver up to 310 horsepower. Besides that, it can also produce up to 300 pounds feet of torque. This engine is paired with 6 speed manual transmission and route 4-wheel drive.

2017 Honda Civic Type R Specs

This new Civic is not only powerful but also fast. Based on the test drive, Honda Civic type R 2017 0-60 takes about 5 seconds only. In addition, the top speed is also really impressive. So, it can be concluded that 2017 Honda Civic type R has amazing and satisfying specs.

2017 Honda Civic Redesigns

In relation to the designs, there are some changes offered. It comes with sportier design and also more stylish look. It can be seen from the new bumpers, new LED lights, updated grille, and sharper lines. For the interior, there are many interesting and useful features applied such as 12 speaker audio systems, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto compatibility, etc. The cabin also feels more comfortable with high quality materials used.

2017 Honda Civic Price

In relation to Honda Civic type R 2017 price, it starts from around 30,000 dollars for the base model. However, there are some other higher models that can be up to 37,000 dollars or more. This price range is reasonable considering the specs.

There are some other cars that can be the competitors for this car. One of them is Volkswagen Golf GTI where it is priced up to 36,015 dollars. Ford Focus RS also becomes one of the best rivals with 36,995 dollars. Considering the price, 2017 Honda Civic type R can compete with the rivals in the market.

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